Friday, December 05, 2008

1st December Manifesto & 2nd December - weather

Yes I am quite behind made a stunning cover and lets just say me being blonde didnt leave enough space as to where the buttons were super glues so I could bind it all so when i took them off i ripped the fabric but do not fear ordered one of thouse bind it all coveralls!
sorry bout the photo quality my camera packed in (luckly santa is bringing me a new one) so used my camera phone

1st decemeber

2nd December

Lots of Love and Kisses


Anonymous said...

stunning lo hun

kelly said...

love this your pages are lush

Angela said...


Sharyn said...

Wow! Love your colours and style. Your journal will look stunning.

Great scrap room too. I have a couple of those floating shelves and a desk from ikea as well. Perhaps I should put them on my blog.

An Altered Life

voodoo vixen said...

Your journal is going to be beautiful, and we have all done the emeblly too close to the edge... its part of the learning curve!! LOL