Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Scrap 'area

Well my Scrap room is in a sngle bedrom in our flat, it also doubles as a Wardrobe and office so I have had to be creative with the tiny space I have.
The wardrobes are all the IKEA pax ones, so used that to keep it all flush with room, also SHELVES! used argos floating shelves. I have a green trolley under desk from ikea and one of the metal draws in wardrobe houses all my tools.
Lastly I have a Becky and somedody rail with lots of useful bits like paper trimmer golder and paint dauber holder.
weh have two desks in here, one is a computer desk from ikea small one but we both usethe PC, and my desk is the table top with sepertate legts also from IKEA. i really cant wait till we geta bigger place but this makes do!
Lots of Love and Kisses Maz x

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jay670120 said...

i have a scrapping room well its the guest room too so filled up with a huge sofa bed too !!! But im not as organised as you !!!!