Friday, May 16, 2008

Sorting 'good' Pics of me

Blimy what a blast from the past looking at all my old modelling photos, (dam I was skinny then). some Im looking at and thinking oh dear others (mainly the ones with my clothes on) Im liking. Some would be great to use in a Layout! Oh dear at me in the magazines what was I thinking, still im happier now wearing LOTS of clothes!

Remember this on, was my first ever shoot, i like dramatic lighting. (like my cencorig with the lips)

This one was another early one, I think its rather arty,

I really like black and white pics.

I want my tummy back in this one, when I was working at the car shows.

This is one of my fav pics screams attitude

Also these are a couple of fashion ones I love really like the editing done by the Tog

Might Have a play around with canvas art agan x
Lots of Love and Kisses

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