Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I love altering things, they make wicked gifts for loved ones!
I made this for my other halfs mum, i filled it up with girls bits and a mini book.

I altered this perpex pail for my DF, i left the heart shape bare, inside was his bday present


This is the candle I made in the UKS cybercrop


This was the provo craft band aid tin, looking at it it was the same size as a pack of ciggys so altered it for my cigs!

Here a altered the doodlebug house

Here is a magnetic board I made, It was made of wood. I covered it in magnetic paint, altered it a used magnets on the back of chipboard pieces

Here is a lunckbox i altered as a present, it reads pampering


voodoo vixen said...

Ooooh, lovely lush colours you use on your altered stuff!! Love them all, may just make me one of those bandaid tins!!

Enfys said...

Loads of pics! You have made some great stuff.

Fae said...

Wow, love the paint can and the wee house! Lots of great work!

jay670120 said...

You have been busy havent you ??? Great lot of altering going on x

daydreamer said...

wow amazing stuff! well done on our blog, i've only just set one up as well!